Wipro Technologies Interviews

NAME: Pranshu Gupta

COLLEGE NAME:  SRM University, Chennai

COMPANY NAME: Wipro Technologies


There were 2 rounds of interview for getting selected in Wipro Technologies.

1.       Technical Interview

This interview lasted for 15-20 minutes. Since I belonged to non-CS/IT background, hence they were interested in knowing if I was having just basic knowledge of the programming languages or not. The interviewer then put me in a random situation, it could be anything that could happen in our day to day life, and asked me to come out with some appropriate solution.

Only after qualifying the Technical Interview, students were allowed to appear for the HR Interview.

2.       HR Interview

This interview lasted for 10-15 minutes. The HR was fully interested in testing the personality i.e. communication skills, body behavior throughout the interview, dressing sense etc. and also wanted to know if I knew anything related to Wipro Technologies or not, prior to joining it.


-          Be confident throughout the whole interview process.

-          If you don’t know a solution to a question, then you should let them know about it immediately, rather than wasting time in thinking the answer.

-          Be presentable, as the first impression is always the last impression.

-          While talking to the interviewer, never lose the eye contact as it depicts that you are showing interest while talking to that person.

-          Last but not the least,smilebecause they too are human beings & are nervous while conducting your interview. It always helps to ease the tension in the air. :)

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