TCS Interview Experiences




Interview Experience:The interview consisted of both technical as well as HR questions.

Some of the Technical questions were:

a.       What would be the program to reverse a phrase without using a predefined function?

b.      What is BIOS?

c.       How to check configuration of a laptop?

Some of HR questions were:

a.       Tell us about yourself?

Why would you want join our company?

Name:  Abhishek Mehta             

College:Manipal Institute of Technology


Interview Experience:

Types of questions asked:Technical based on your stream, Quiz questions and normal HR questions

Some example questions:a. What is annealing? 

b.What is uniformly distributed load?

c. What is a positive displacement pump?

Important things happened in the interview:They are good observers, so don’t fake anything.

Key takeaways:Usually they look for these 4 things in a candidate:-basic knowledge a

bout the stream, good communication skills , positive attitude, flexibility.

Tips for others (if any):Stay calm, Do you homework by studying bout the company. Choose your answers well because usually the next question is somewhat related to what you have answered. Study some current affairs. Do pay attention in the pre placement talk.

Name:RISHI SHEKHAR JHA                         




Interview Experience: Interviews are like make or break situation. Few impressive answers and you are through. So naturally I was quite nervous . Even the HR figured out this, so in a very subtle manner he asked me to relax and asked some simple ice breaking questions like introduce urself,ur hobbies etc. These questions certainly eased my nerves. After that there were various questions ranging from technical concepts to general knowledge. I answered around 7   of 12 questions which were asked.

Types of questions asked: Interview had two rounds

1.Technical- This round was basically to judge the concepts one has in his/her branch paper as well as in c/c++. Questions were not very difficult but all of them were conceptual and tricky.

2.HR (Soft Skill)-This round was basically to judge the communication skill  and the thinking capabilities .In this round, answers didn’t matter at all Frame of mind was analysed and how one can back his/her logic was particularly taken into account. 

In your favour: The conviction with which I gave my answers and the way I presented it in front of them were the two things which I think went in my favour.

Things you could have done better:  In Technical round I could have done better. I answered a few questions without giving a second thought over it and as a consequence made  some silly mistakes.

Key takeaways:Think twice before you open your mouth.

Tips for others (if any):Have a clear frame of mind. Make sure when you are answering you don’t end up connecting two contrasting scenarios.

Speak confidently with conviction. No need to answer if u don’t know it exactly. Instead a frank and candid  “sorry sir ,I don’t know the answer but I may give a try” is always appreciated.


Name-Arun Kumar

Company name-TCS

Placement experience- 

I was ready to hit the stage for my interview in college for TCS.

I have qualified the written exam which of course is the toughest among various exams conducted.

After the written exam,I was waiting for the technical interview, and asked the first person who came after his interview he said everything is going good just present yourself. Interview started with a good morning and a round of technical questions like tell me about your projects?? And here are the tables retrieve these columns in 6 ways... I have answered all... 

After the technical interview I was selected for hr interview.

Hr round had some basic questions like tell me about your self?? And about my hobbies.

Then its time of results.

My interview was friendly so the best guess about my result by me that "you are selected".

Tips-never ever feel dipressong by seeing others preparations and be confident.

NAME: Alok Ranjan




TCS was first company at my college for campus placement. Everyone was excited for their first job. As TCS does mass recruitment so everyone was expecting their job. But everyonealsohad fear of getting rejected as well.

I too was nervous. I prepared well for the technical (I.e Data structure, networking, DBMS, C and C++) and nontechnical. I searched Google for interview questions and their answers. I prepared those as well.

Day before interview, I slept well and took complete sleep of 6-7 hrs. On the day of interview, I wore pressed clothes, shoes, belt and tie.

I faced two round of interviews. One was technical and second one was HR. Technical round was very easy. Anyone who read 4 yrs of engineering, can crack technical round. It means, no need to prepare so much. A person who clears their semester exams on it own, can crack this round easily. One more thing, if you don't know the answer of asked questions, please say ' I don't remember'. It's better than providing wrong answers.

Now HR round, This round was also easy. A person blessed with good soft skills, can crack it even more easily. I was askedwith questions like 'tell me about yourself', 'why should I hire you' etc. I told everything with full confidence. Some time they ask some silly question. Please try to answer it logically.

Generally, HR people checks your communication skill, attitude and motivation towards work. Try to impress them with your logical answer. Also show them you are the best candidate for this job.


Prepare well for the technical as well as nontechnical. Tryto grab it as much as you can. Feelfree and confidence on the day of interview. Groom well as it boosts up your self confidence.

NAME: Uttam Kumar




It was my first interview but I was confident enough to crack it.

As far as I remember there were two rounds.

First one was online which tested knowledge of English grammar and comprehension and aptitude.

Second round was face to face interview.

Interviewers to check the technical knowledge started with simple but very basic questions of C,which were mostly from 'Keringhan and Ritchie' soon after they moved to puzzles to check the aptitude. Overall level of the interview was moderate.


1. Be confident and back yourself.

2. Never fake in the resume.

3. When facing difficult questions, do not just give up.

You must try and think of different ways to solve it because most of the time interviewers are looking for your approach and attitude.

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