Stress Interviews

Updated: Apr 11, 2020


Stress interview is a  type of interview wherein the candidate is put under pressure. The main purpose of this type of interview is to find how the candidate handles pressure. 

Types of stress interviews:

  1. Question based stress interviews: Interviewer pose a series of questions (one at a time) to make the candidate feel that he/she doesn't know much about the topic of discussion and not been able to answer the questions properly. 

  2. Situation based stress interviews: In this case, the candidate is put under pressure by creating a discomforting situation for him/her like making the candidate wait for a long period before the interview, creating moments of awkward silence. 

What are you expected to do?

  1. Stay calm

  2. The candidates are not judged on their answers but on their behaviour so be patient and give your best possible answer.

  3. Stay focused. In most of the cases, the candidate are asked simple question after a series of difficult questions hence stay focused and answer comfortable questions properly.

  4. Control your emotions. The candidate is suppose to control his/her negative emotions like anger. Never show that you are being disgruntled by the situation.

  5. Maintain smiling face: Don't make serious face.

How to conquer stress interviews?

  1. The candidate must realize that there is nothing personal about the interviewer's action at that moment, he/she is acting according to a role. If you understand that then you'll be in a better position to handle such interviews.

  2. Give consistent answers i.e. don't change your opinions if you're asked same question more than once by rephrasing it. 

  3. To keep yourself calm, take deep breaths. 

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