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1. Tell me about yourself

2. Explain me any type of sort

3. Asked me on one of my project. The project was on the stock market trend prediction system based on Genetic Algorithms, Support Vector Machines and Decision Tree and other machine learning techniques. I explained her entire project and she was quite impressed with the work.

4. Then she asked me about the subjects I was studying during that semester. One of which included Digital Image Processing. She asked me about DIP and some applications of it.

5. In my CV it was mentioned that I am a member of Robolution, BIT Mesra- Robotics club of BIT. She asked me about robotics and various other aspects of it.

6. Then she told me that your technical knowledge Is very sound. Are you appearing for GRE or GATE? To which I replied NO. Then she asked me whether I would go for MBA in near future? To which my reply was the same- NO. If you want the placement then never show your interest in higher studies.

7. She asked me if I have any questions. I asked her about the work that is going on in Samsung R&D Bangalore. She mentioned some of the technologies they are working on in the company like compact storage, printers, camera etc.


1. Be confident in whatever you are saying.

2. Never show your interest in higher studies even if you have any.

3. Be thorough with your current academics and your specialization.

NAME: Sumit Jha




Process Details:

There were four different stages in the entire testing & interviewing process. 

First two stages comprised the GSAT (Global Samsung Aptitude Test).

1. The first stage was an objective technical test

In the technical round there were 20 questions. Each had 4 options and a single correct answer. The questions were mainly from data structures, networks, DBMS and OS .The cut off for this round was a score of 11 out of 20. The cutoff of GSAT is absolute and does not depend on relative performance. 30 minutes were there for this round.

2. The second stage was an objective aptitude test. 

In the second round there were 50 questions based on aptitude. Areas covered were logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude. The level of the questions was normal and more towards easy. It was more of a race against time. About 50 minutes were assigned for this round. The qualifying criterion was again the GSAT cutoff which is fixed by the company. With our batch we observed the cutoff to be somewhere around 32-34 correct responses out of 50.

3. Technical Interview:

People were called in the order of their performance in the second round. Fortunately my name was the first to be announced in the auditorium hall, where all were waiting after the second round.  I wasn’t very prepared. I was not wearing a tie and also wasn’t having a copy of my resume with me at that moment.  I asked one of the people who were with Samsung, if I needed to rush to my hostel and bring my resume. He simply told me not to worry about such stuff and wished me good luck for the interview. So I went in for the interview.

The technical interview lasted for about half an hour. The interviewer was interactive and in the initial stages of the interview.  He tried to know about my background.  Schooling, college, hometown, parents, siblings and similar details. He asked me about my projects/internships. I had done one in the information technology services division of tata steel. The name Tata did have an impact it seemed on the interviewer. He asked me a few things related to my project.

Then he proceeded to the questions based on the subjects studied in college. Subjects covered were data structures, operating systems, microprocessor and interfacing, networks. After a few questions I was asked to write a code.  The code was simple. In general the questions weren’t very difficult and the attitude of the interviewer was friendly. The questions were diverse, but they weren’t too deep.

Once I had answered the technical questions, the interviewer asked me questions pertaining to ethics and gave me real life situations and asked me about what my response would or should be in such situations. Following this, I was asked questions about the co-curricular activities of which I have been a part of in college and also before that. I answered his questions to the best of my knowledge.

Following this he shook hands with me and said, “I would like to meet you in Samsung in Bangalore.” It is a cherished memory, that statement from him. He then told me to proceed for the HR interview.

4. The fourth stage was an HR interview. 

In comparison to the technical interview, this round was a cake walk. Very simple questions were asked and the conversation was more informative than interrogative.

Finally after 8-9 hours of my interviews and when all the candidates were interviewed, the results were announced and the result was happening.

TIPS TO ASPIRANTS:The key to making it through in Samsung is clearing the GSATs. Once GSAT is cleared, there is very high probability of getting selected through the interview processes.

A suggestion in general would be to focus and work on aptitude. People often tend to ignore its importance.

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