Personal Interview Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020


Give a candid description of yourself, describing the major transition points and factors that have influenced your personal development.  (Tell me something about yourself)

  • Expectation: This is generally the first question asked during most of the interviews so interviewer is looking for talking points (something different compared to other candidates) for your side.

  • What you have to do:  Your answer can be chronological or reverse chronological description of your life but understand when your giving the description, you have to showcase best part about yourself hence put emphasis on your strengths (international, national level achievement in any field). Also, if you have done or achieved something which is not usual, mention it (even if it is just a hobby or interest). Most probably, your next question will be on one of these things and now when you have diverted interviewer in your area of strength, it is a good beginning :)

Mention your personal improvement areas (weaknesses). 

  • Expectation: Here interviewer is looking for genuine answer and expects that you're working towards overcoming it.

  • What you have to answer: Generally students try to mention something which is not really their weakness which is not a correct thing to do as interviewer will understand it. Don't fake, give a genuine weakness but make sure your weakness should be something which is not against the role you are interviewed for. For example, a Bank PO candidate should not have a weakness like not able to work in a team. As a Probationary Officer, one has to work with different teams and resolve conflicts. Make sure you have answers of following questions related to your weakness:

  • why do you feel this is your area of improvement? 

  • How did you identify the area of improvement? (mention the incident/example)

  • What are you doing to improve the area of improvement?

Mention your strengths

  • Expectation: Here interviewer is looking for why do you believe it is your strength.

  • What you have to answer: When you mentioning that something is your strength, interviewer expects that that is genuine a strength hence the questions will be in that direction only. Make sure you have answers to following questions related to your strength:

  • Why do you feel this is your strength?

  • How did you identify your strength?

What do you consider your most significant achievement in life?

  • Expectation: Interviewer wants to know the achievement and reasons why do you consider it as an achievement.

  • What you have to answer: Mention the achievement which is important for you. It can be professional or personal.

Please describe your extracurricular interests (hobbies) in brief

  • Expectation: This question is asked for 2 reasons: first, whether your interests are in sync with the role you are interviewed for. second, interviewers wants to know apart from your academics what else you are involved in your life.

  • What you have to answer: Give details about your interests. Make sure you have to thorough knowledge about it because you are pursuing your interest voluntarily hence interviewer expects you to know about it in details. Prepare your hobby very well including theoretical knowledge about it. 


  • What are your long term goals (where do you see yourself 15-20 years down the line)?

  • What are your short term goals (where do you see yourself after 5-7 years)?

  • Why MBA or Why Bank PO?

These are 3 most frequently asked professional questions. The keys lies in the fact that answers of these questions should be in sync in each other.

For example:If someone wants to be an entrepreneur in long term then it doesn't make sense for him/her to apply for Bank PO job as both the things are not related. 

You have a long term goal and to achieve that you have made a milestone for yourself which is your short term goal. To achieve your short term goal you may have more than one path and one of the path you are following is to pursue MBA or want to be a Bank PO. 

Expectations from interviewer:Interviewer wants consistent answers of these three questions as he/she wants to ascertain that you are a genuine candidate with long term vision.

What are you suppose to do?Set your long term goal first then find where you should be after 5-7 years (your short term goal) to make sure you are on right path to achieve your long term goal. To achieve your short term there can be multiple paths, find the reasons how your immediate action (MBA or Bank PO) will help in achieving your short term goal. Take help from your seniors/mentors in finding the ways to achieve your long term goals.

  • Tell us about a situation wherein you influenced others to implement an innovative idea.

Qualities interviewer wants to assess:

  1. Leadership skills 

  2. Innovation

Your answer:

You have to give an example where you have led the team or a group of people. You may give personal or professional example. Your answer should consist of: 

  1. Problem context (brief description of the situation)

  2. Reasons behind conflict

  3. Your innovative idea or solution (your rationale behind using the particular idea)

  4. How did you convinced the people.

Tell us about a situation wherein you faced a dilemma?

What interviewer wants to assess?

  1. How do you tackle such situations?

  2. Integrity (whether you are ready to choose a wrong means to achieve your goal)

Things to consider while framing your answers:

  1. Never compromise on ethics and integrity. You will be rejected if you give an example wherein you used unethical means to achieve your objective.

  2. Focus on showcasing your problem solving skills, how did you arrive at the solution.  

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