HR Interviews

Updated: Apr 11, 2020


HR interviews are conducted to check to whether the candidate fits into following criteria or not:

  1. Organization/Institute cultural fit: Every organization wants a certain quality in its employees like an entrepreneurial venture would like to have employees who can work in unstructured roles.

  2. Role/Position fit: Each role demands different types of skills, like a sales person should have the quality of being able to gel with people easily. HR personnel check for whether you fit in the role you have applied for.

What are you suppose to do?

  1. Study about the organization and recent news related to the organization 

  2. Study about the industry

  3. Study about the role you are applying for (MBA students study about specialization you want to pursue)

  4. Prepare answers on Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How to master it?

  1. Prepare your answers on FAQs and write them down: Writing eliminates the obvious mistakes you may commit.

  2. Give mock interviews

  3. Take feedback on the interviews and improve your answers.

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