How to master a technical interview?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


EWs  generally feature question which are related to the field you are entering into or  your specialization during graduation or post graduation. For example: An economics honours students will asked questions related Indian economy and economics' concepts during his/her technical interview.

 Factors you are judged on: 

  1. Subject Knowledge: It is very important to understand and know the concepts learned during graduation. If one does not answer questions on the same then it gives an impression that the candidate doesn't value education and training. 

  2. Application: It is also important to understand practical applications of the important principles learned during your graduation.

  3. Approach: When you are asked application based questions, interviewers focus more on the approach rather than the answer.

  4. Communication: Interviewers check for your communication skills as well when you are answering the questions.

What am I supposed to do:

  1. Study your subjects well: focus on the important concepts learned in each subject.

  2. Read about practical applications of the concept: search on internet and get brief idea about it.

During interviews:

  1. While answering the theoretical questions, give definition and explain it.

  2. Don't jump on to the application based question directly. Take your time to think about the answer and "think it aloud" i.e. tell interviewer about your thinking process, interviewers generally help the candidate if one is going off the track.

  3.  Don't guess if you don't know anything about the question being asked. 

All the best,

Kamlesh Chauhan

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