Factual GDs

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


actual GDs are meant to test your grey cells and knowledge buds! Be ready to spill out all knowledge you have.

  •  Ability to create multiple dimensions

  •  Knowledge linking to the topic given.

  •  Clarity of discussion

  •  Depth of discussion

  •  Clarity of speech

  •  Link to economics, society, politics, sports, media, movies – all factual stuffs

So, what are we expected to do?

  •  Remember your points – things you must have studied before, discussed before.

  •  Stay assertive

  •  Stay attentive

  •  Stay participative

How to practice?

  1.  Read editorials

  2.  Follow specific topics

  3.  Build interest into national affairs

  4.  Build a friend group which discusses relevant topics with you

  5.  Make a routine – watch news and debates online and on television channels 

  6.  Speak out in front of the mirror – like a news channel reporter. Feel confident and strong.

So, how will you know that you are on track?

  •  Practice daily.

  •  Read regularly.

  •  Discuss with your friends.

  •  Take feedback from your friends.

  •  Be confident.

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