Abstract Group Discussion

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Abstract GDs are meant to check a candidate’s wit and

intellect. The panel is interested in testing you on the following parameters:

  • Ability to create multiple dimensions

  • Out of the box thinking

  • Knowledge contribution on the floor

  • Clarity of discussion

  • Depth of discussion

  • Clarity of speech

So, what are we expected to do?

  •  Stay calm

  •  Stay assertive

  •  Stay creative

  •  Stay attentive

  •  Stay put

How to practice?

  1.  Pick up abstract topics and talk to your friends in effective English.

  2.  Speak slow, steady and confidently. Use shorter sentences and stronger words.

  3.  Make sure, don’t fall for words which you are not too sure of.

  4.  Create a wealth of words and phrases that you can use to make your speech impressive.

So, how to be on track?

  1.  Practice for a month

  2.  Take feedback from your friends

  3.  Practice basic vocabulary

  4.  Recap common phrases

  5.  Revise in a group

All the best

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